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The look of a man hopelessly in love with his manservant…

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To Unknown
Don’t you have anything better to do than to spy on people, Merlin?

From Unknown
From what I can see, this is far better than homework. 

To Unknown
And who’s phone are you using anyway?! 

From Unknown
Had to make it a bit exciting, mate!

To Unknown
You’re mental

From Unknown
Only under the right conditions

To Unknown

To Unknown
soooo, you think i’m hot eh?

From Unknown
I have eyes, don’t I? 

To Unknown
speaking of eyes, where the hell are you?!

From Unknown

To Unknown
…. Those jokes are getting old, mate

From Unknown

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"You there… (⌐■_■) (FREEZE! You are under arrest for being so nice and cute.) Copy this message to 10 other beautiful blogs who you think deserve this message! Keep the game going and make everyone feel beautiful ♥"

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Can you believe one of brolinskeep's anons suggested that Arthur was imagining Merlin in lip rouge and with flushed cheeks? You guys are so inappropriate! This is a FAMILY SHOW ok.

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» a Merlin Reverse Big Bang Story by nomical
» graphics by emjayelle (me!) | LJ (“real” version)
» Merlin/Arthur | 21K | G | Fairytale/Fantasy!AU
» SummaryThis is the tale of Sir Arthur. His tale begins the same as many; with stories of chivalry told to him by his mother. As he grew up, Arthur desired nothing more than to be a figure in one one of those tales. Unfortunately, his own quest doesn’t go quite as planned, but it’s still worth telling. After all, every hero needs a good old fashioned story.

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