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le merthur & brolin christmas recs

so this happens when i ask my fanfic folder for some christmas fun…

there’e fluff, porn and some epicness



5 reasons why Arthur Pendragon hates Christmas
A Christmas Special
A Night to Remember
All I Want is Santa in His Chambers
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Christmas present
Christmas, who?
Doubt Creeps In And Chills The Air
Evil Flour
Give and Take
It’s for You, You Complete Idiot
It’s my bed, thank you
Merlin’s Christmas Wish
Midwinter Feast
Mistletoe Kisses
Perfect Present
Snowed In
The Greatest Gift of All
The Holly and the Ivy + Reindeer Games
The Last Gift
The Neckerchief of Destiny
The Thought That Counts
Until Morning Light
Winter Solstice Traditions
Writing Home
You do something to me


A Tiny Christmas Story
Actually Yours
All I Want For Christmas (is a blowjob)
All I Want For Christmas (Is You)
All I Want For Christmas Is You
Arse over Heels (on Christmas Cheer)
Arthur’s Christmas Carol
Christmas Card
Christmas Present
Christmas spirit
Christmas with you
Crazy Amazing
Driving Lessons
The Best Gift Ever
Fireworks (scroll down)
Generous is the universe
Here We Come A Wassailing
Here we go a carolling
I’ve Got a Feeling This Year’s for Me and You (so happy christmas, i love you baby)
it’s snowing
Knitting for Beginners
Merlin’s christmas promise
Merlin’s Santa
Merry Christmas, Merlin
Mistletoe and Wine
No Need for Mistletoe
On the Naughty List
Red and Blue
Santa’s little elf
Silent Night
Softer and More Beautiful
The Christmas Surprise
The Could In People
The Good Times Are Killing Me
The Office Christmas Party
These Boots Were Made For…

Twelve Days Of Christmas
Under the mistletoe
When the music changes, so does the dance
Where I End and You Begin (The Sky is Falling In)
winter warmth

for more:

Cee’s Merthur Advent Calender


A Sense of Adventure
All In The Delivery
Bank Holidays Included
Christmas Cheer
Christmas eve
Four ill-judged text-messages, three bottles of wine, two white lies… and some really cheesy lyrics
i cannot guess what we’ll discover
I’ll Hold Your Hands (They’re Just Like Ice)
In the Spirit of Christmas
Unwrapping The Safety Penguin

i need more brolin christmas fics, recs anyone?

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