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Merthur Party 2013Just The Beginning❞

After wandering the world for centuries, finally coming into all his powers, Merlin strikes a bargain with the Sidhe and whatever god_dess that keeps Arthur in Avalon, away from Merlin:
Once a year Arthur’s allowed to return to the world of the living for one day.
The first time Merlin sees his king emerging from the lake, he tumbles into the water, bumps into Arthur and refuses to let go til Arthur just picks him up and drags both of them to shore.
They spend the day there, talking, cuddled together, and  because Merlin knows Arthur better than himself  eating. Apprently food isn’t a thing in Avalon.
Right before Arthur has to leave he kisses him. When Merlin is about to complain how he could wait with that til they have only a few moments left ‘we could have done this all day, Arthur!!’, Arthur kisses him again.

One year later they start where they have left off, only this time Arthur is the one who tries to cook cooks.

After a few years, they both stop bothering to show up dressed for their annual date; undressing is a waste of precious time.

The rest of each year Merlin wanders the world, makes himself useful where he can, while Arthur watches from afar, watches how the world changes.

Centuries pass and over time Arthur’s stays become longer. At the beginning of 20th century it’s 4 days til the boat that takes him back across the lake appears.
'by the way, why does that bloody boat only show up to take you back, but never brings you here?'
‘because I always get impatient waiting for it; swimming here is faster’.

When they meet, Merlin always brings new stories and things to show to him. While Arthur is aware of the general developements in the world, he misses the details.
He’s fascinated by electric light  Merlin isn’t entirely sure if Arthur truly believes him that it’s not magic but just science , he does not approve of planes, and when Merlin tries to explain the internet and shows him a smartphone, Arthur offers blowjobs til the end of time to make amends for ever believing magic could a force of evil.

The next time Merlin waits for him, Arthur is actually using the boat to cross the lake…. and he’s clothed.

'What why-?' - 'I'm not going back there. I'm here to stay.'

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